Friday, 28 June 2013

Breakfast a la French Foodie: my first Instagram video

Psst.. Come here... I eat porridge for breakfast, rarely eat bread during the week and I haven't had a croissant in 6 months but shhh, don't tell the French or I might have to give up my passport.

However, last Sunday I woke up with a French breakfast craving, it rarely happens but when it does Mr. FFID has no other choice than running to Paris Bakery and bringing back goodies to his French ogress.

He returned home with a lovely baguette, freshly baked croissants, a raspberry financier and some Bonne Maman strawberry jam. J'adore! I felt like in Paris but in the heart of Dublin and the croissants were still warm, deliciously crumbly and buttery. We were even listening to Amelie's soundtrack by Yann Tiersen, I know it's cliché but I couldn't help it.

So now if you want to 'French up' your brekkie at the week end, get some fresh baguette, croissants, pains au chocolat, jam, butter, honey, fresh juice and maybe some yoghurt. What about drinking your hot drinks in a large bowl (like the one I have on my header)? Et voila, no need to take a plane to France!

I love Instagram and now it's possible to make videos, how cool is that? So while we were enjoying our French feast I created a little video, uploaded it and...NOTHING happened. The upload failed but was saved to my camera roll. I wasn't able to post it on Instagram so here it is, on Youtube instead. I feel like the Amelie of Dublin.

Happy Friday! Bon vendredi!