Sunday 12 August 2012

Octopussy's seafood tapas, Howth, Ireland

I love going to Howth on a sunny day. It is just the perfect image of Ireland as I imagined it before I moved here.

What I like even more is eating seafood there because it is fresh and tasty like nowhere else.

One day after work, I went to Howth with my fiancé and wanted to eat at a terrace so we decided to try Octopussy's seafood tapas.

We sat outside because the restaurant is tiny and we wanted to have the feeling of being away. The waitress took ages to come, actually my fiance had to go in to ask for the menu and when she came with the dishes she forgot to bring us cutlery.
I ordered calamari with blue cheese dressing (5.95eur) which was a small portion, the dressing was tasty. I also had the Scallops Octopussy style served in tomato, chorizo and parmesan sauce with toasted rustic bread (7.95 euros). I loved the presentation of the dish on a wooden board. I thought the chorizo and the scallops went really well together.

My fiancé had the patatas bravas which were really spicy and the meatballs (6.95 euros) served with crusty bread. It was a perfect option considering his allergy to seafood. Those 2 dishes are a safe option for anyone trying tapas for the first time.

It is a great little place for eating fresh seafood cooked Spanish style. The place is often full and unfortunately the terrace in the shade in the afternoon and it can get windy. The service was not great: it was slow and the waitress was not friendly. However I really enjoyed the food and the glass of wine, it was a perfect way of enjoying a sunny week evening after work!

Octopussy Seafood Tapas
West Pier

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.