Tuesday 4 September 2012

(Lunch) Brother Hubbard, 153 Capel St, Dublin 1

I noticed Brother Hubbard two weeks ago while walking on Capel street and thought the name sounded cool enough to justify a visit. Any excuse to try a new place really!

The inside of the coffee shop is minimalist and trendy but not pretentious. I was nicely surprised by their lovely outside non-smoking seating. It was a fine day in Dublin so why not enjoy some fresh air?

It took a little while for someone to come to take our order but I didn’t mind since I was enjoying the serene atmosphere of the place. A nice apologetic man came to us with the smile to take our order.
He was so nice I could have ordered everything on their menu.

M. ordered a 3fe double-shot coffee that he found lovely. I was craving for something healthy and tempted by their salad plate (€7.50). I wanted to try their ice tea but it was apparently such a success that day that they didn’t have any left. I was kindly offered alternatives and opted for their Raspberry, Rose and Apple drink (€2.80).

I actually wowed when the waiter brought my plate. It was colourful, looked tasty, healthy and as if the sun was shining out of the vegetables. Three appetising salads in one plate: crunchy cucumbers with mild red chilli and toasted black and white sesame seeds in sweet vinegar dressing, remoulade and celeriac beetroot dressed with a light tangy Dijon crème with toasted walnut and chive and a Tunisian potato salad.

The cucumbers were crunchy, the potatoes perfectly roasted, the roast red peppers were gorgeous  and the remoulade mixed with the perfect amount of dressing. They even serve Aruna sourdough and their lovely homemade hummus with the salads. I ate every single thing on my plate!

Their Raspberry, Rose and Apple drink was to die for, so refreshing.
They also have soup, sandwiches and sweat treats on their menu. I was too full after my salad plate but will certainly go back to try their cinnamon and walnut scroll.
What a nice place: great design, lovely customer service, and quality food.
I walked out happy and full of the positive vibes from the place.
Thanks Brother Hubbard!

Brother Hubbard
153 Capel St,  Dublin 1
01 441 1112

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.