Wednesday 17 October 2012

French Foodie in Krakow

Krakow is located in the south of Poland and is one of the oldest cities in the country. Its beautiful old town is listed as a Unesco’s World heritage site I understand why. The city is full of stunning churches, palaces, squares and is easily walkable. You can find lovely cafés and restaurants scattered around the old Town with more of a bohemian atmosphere in the former Jewish’s district of Kazimierz.

I turned a short break away into a foodie trip and visited a few places I’d like to share with you. First of all, I must mention Magda, Polish food blogger (Magda's Cauldron) and thank her for giving me her tips. She knows Krakow very well, having lived there for 5 years.

Bar Mleczny on Grodzka Street is a “milk bar”. Milk bars were cafeterias subsidized by the government in Eastern’s Europe Communist period. It looks like a canteen and is very simple. You grab your tray and order what you want form the menu, find a seat and eat. We went on our first lunch and I think we were the only non-Polish there. Thanks Magda, I had printed her email and could order stuff by pointing out the recommended dishes. I got “placki ziemniaczane” sort of potato pancakes/rostis with a mushroom sauce. The sauce was really tasty and I liked the pancakes. I was adventurous and got” flaczki wołowe”, a beef tripe soup with some veg in it. I ate some but the look of the tripe isn’t my favourite, I must admit. Mr. FFID got the potato pancakes because he panicked while ordering and he pointed at my dish to the woman to express he wanted the same. This cafeteria is cheap and a great spot for trying local dishes.

flaczki wołowe

Ambasada Śledzia on Stolarska Street is a Polish tapas place. They don’t have much on their menu but everything is cheap at prices around €1 to €2 euros. It was busy with young people meeting for drinks and food on Friday night. The lard bread is just amazing, it’s fat but tasty. We also had pork ribs that were cold but salty and good. We ordered a spinach gratin which was delicious. It’s a vibrant place and the staff were lovely to us, poor tourists with no Polish, luckily they spoke English (like pretty much every one there).

Ambasada Śledzia

Moment café bar is located on Józefa in the Jewish quarter, which was recommended by my French friend D. I loved this funky café with a seventies style. We went for food there because I love places with funky design, it isn’t Polish food but a good option still. We started with lovely bruschettas. Then and I had a lovely goat cheese salad with poached pears, mango, dried fruits and mint yogurt sauce. It was a lovely salad. Mr. FFID had steak of course which was accompanied by gnocchi and roasted courgettes. It’s located in the Plac Nowy which is filled with great bars.

Moment café bar
On the bar side, I ‘d recommend a few from Plac Nowy.

Singer looks retro and has Singer sewing machines as tables.

Les Couleurs brings you to Paris with its French décor.

My favourite was Eszeweria on ulica Jozefa. It looks like you enter the house of some elderly woman, it’s vintage, retro and cosy. There is even a bed that you can use as a seat. Candles, big old green velvety sofas, it’s definitely a bohemian bar. There is also a lovely terrace at the back.

At Plac Nowy, there is a little market with lovely fruit and veg stalls and you have to try Polish street food: Zapiekanki. They are huge and very popular, these cheap half baguettes are sold around the square and topped with different toppings a bit like pizzas but on a baguette. We had the bacon, mushroom and cheese one but had to share between the two of us.


Voila that was French Foodie in Krakow, don’t hesitate to contact me if you want any of the addresses given by Magda.