Monday 15 October 2012

Sheridans Cheesemongers, South Anne Street, Dublin 2

Last Saturday I went to heaven, in other words I visited Sheridans Cheesemongers on South Anne Street.

The little shop is very cute and believe me I’ve seen many cheese shops in my home country that didn’t look as appealing. The shop was filled with cheese lovers purchasing exquisite products probably for their Saturday night diner. The minute I got in I couldn’t focus on anything other than the cheeses. My other half was talking to me but I was already lost in some other cheesy world.

Beside the main door are shelves filled with bottles of wine, crackers, chutney and other delicacies. The rest of the shop is full of lovely cheeses waiting to be eaten. They have so many of them it’s unbelievable: Irish, French, Italian, Swiss, Dutch, English, Spanish and many more. At the back of the shop they have more cheeses but also have a cured meat section with Italian products and even French saucissons. Appetising olives for purchase are located on a table close to the till.

I was staring at a French saucisson, dreaming away, when a nice lady asked me if I needed assistance. I came in originally for Raclette but obviously I wasn’t the only one and because it was a short time before closing time, my beloved Raclette cheese was sold out. The lady kindly explained that at this time of the year this cheese is very popular. Nevermind, I thought of another one, Reblochon which is used for the tasty but not so light winter French dish, tartiflette. This is a gratin made of potatoes, onions, lardons, fresh cream and a dash of wine wine with melted Reblochon on top. The small Reblochon only cost €5.40 and is more than enough for a dish for 3 people, even 4 small eaters.

You can also find Sheridans Cheesemongers at a few food markets: Temple bar on Saturdays or Dun Laoghaire on Sundays. The original shop is in Galway and there is a warehouse shop near Carnaross co. Meath as well as a counter at Ardkeen Quality Food Store in Waterford.
If you’re a serial cheese eater a Cheese Club membership allows you to try a few cheeses that are sent to you every month. The website is full of information about membership, products, their catering service and lovely gifts and hampers (have you heard this Mr. FFID? They do cheesy gifts, Christmas is not too far away).
Last but not least, if you want an original touch to your wedding, they have fabulous cheese cakes. Yes, you heard right, a wedding cake made from cheese. They help you to choose your cheeses, decorate it and make it look like a classic wedding cake. Later, it’s used as a cheeseboard. I’ll definitely get one on my big day.

Sheridans Cheesemongers is my wonderland!

Sheridans Cheesemongers
11 South Anne Street
Dublin 2
Tel: 01 679 3143
Fax: 01 679 3132