Monday 3 December 2012

"Step Up to the plate" at the Irish Film Institute

The French Film Festival took place at the Irish Film Institute (IFI) from the 14th to 25th of November 2012.

The IFI café had a French menu for the duration of the festival, with some very good specials like a mixed French cheese and meat platter for 2, along with a bottle of wine at just €25 or a main course and a glass of wine for €13.50.

We went for a meal there before the movie. The IFI café was all Frenched up, they had a huge French flag and their white and red checkered tablecloths suited the theme of the festival.

I had Roquefort and caramelised onion tart and a glass of wine (€13.50). The slice of tart was big and tasty served with a side salad. Roquefort and caramelised onions is always a combination I enjoy and I was happy with my choice.

Mr. FFID had the “coq au vin” and also a glass of red (€13.50). It was served with potatoes. I preferred my tart I must say and had better coq au vin but himself enjoyed it.

After our French meal we watched the perfect movie for foodies: “Step Up to the plate”. It’s a documentary directed by Paul Lacoste about Michel Bras, a French chef who owns a 3 starred Michelin restaurant in Laguiole in France. Michel Bras is about to retire and  pass his  legacy to his son Sebastien.

The love of good food and cooking seem to be in the genes of the Bras family with Michel’s parents who used to own a hotel and restaurant, Sebastien who started cooking when he was very small and now his young son who is already helping in the kitchen. In the movie, you get the feeling that Michel Bras is a perfectionist who likes things being done his way. He watches what is son Sebastien is doing with a critical eye. Michel Bras’ wife says in the movie “I pity him [her son] starting from the top and having to remain there, we [Bras and his wife] had to start from the bottom and make our way to the top. It’s easier”. The movie mixes scenes of everyday life of a close knit family who live and work together and some amazing scenes of cooking. You also get to see their Michelin Starred restaurant in Japan. Bras restaurant is one of the world’s best 50 restaurants, Sebastien obviously has loads of pressure on him to keep the family restaurant at the top and satisfy his demanding father who has so much difficulty to retire from his job, his passion, his life.

A must see for foodies!

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