Sunday 7 July 2013

Murphy's ice cream, 27 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

Murphy's is an Irish company producing ice cream in Dingle co. Kerry. They have 3 ice cream parlours in Ireland (Dingle, Killarney and Dublin) and their products are also sold around the country by various stockists .

While I was walking on Wicklow Street with Mr. FFID I noticed the queue at Murphy's. I was looking at the menu when a friendly and enthusiastic member of staff offered me a taste of some ice cream. I heard about the 'Dingle Sea salt' before so I naturally went for this. Oh it was so good, I never knew sea tasted so delicious.

I then got very excited when I saw they had flavours such as 'Baileys Irish cream liqueur', 'Kerry buttermilk' and 'caramelised brown bread', ice cream that tastes like Ireland is definitely worth an unplanned stop.

The staff were very busy due to the lovely weather but they were so friendly, energetic and enthusiastic, which you rarely see in Dublin city centre.

Mr. FFID chose a scoop of blackcurrant sorbet and a scoop of raspberry sorbet (€3.80). I think I sounded like a tourist when I ordered both the Irish cream and the brown bread ice cream (€3.80), to my French ears it sounded heavenly and so Irish!

The shop has a seating area at the back which I never knew existed. The space is bright, with a few tables and chairs, comments cards stuck on the wall and also a small blackboard that you can scribble on.

Mr. FFID's sorbet was excellent, the fruity flavours were so intense. Have a little look at the colours and textures... Mmmmm...

I loved the Baileys flavoured ice cream, so creamy and flavoursome but I think the Irish brown bread ice cream won top place in my heart. The small crunchy bites of caramelised brown bread were just divine.

While we were eating, a lovely staff member asked us if everything was alright, I was really impressed at getting this level of customer service in an ice cream parlour.

What's not to love about Murphy's? It's Irish made, they do unique flavours and their staff are absolutely lovely. Their products aren't cheap but you kind of forget about that after the first bite of their tasty stuff.

27 Wicklow Street
Dublin 2

This is an independent review, I paid for my ice cream