Friday 20 September 2013

Oktoberfest Dublin 2013

If you can't travel to Munich for the famous Oktoberfest beer festival you could always visit Oktoberfest Dublin. The celebration only started and will last until the 6th of October at George's Dock in the IFSC.

Oktoberfest Dublin is a great way to experience a little slice of Germany in the Irish capital with a group of friends or colleagues after work. It's pretty much the same every year but I still enjoy a visit at least once during the duration of the festival.

Mr. FFID and I went on the first night with C, Laura from The Dublin Diary and M. The atmosphere was great with people dancing around the tables and singing German songs. I didn't take pictures on the night but I was passing by the next day and took a few shots to give you an insight.

There are a few beer gardens and lots of tables around the site where people can sit as well as a big marquee with live music and Bavarian games which gets pretty busy at the weekend.

You can drink freshly tapped German Erdinger “Fischer’s Hell” and “Weizenbier” in plastic glasses or in steins, a deposit is required for the latter.

For a real German experience and to soak up the drinks, many of the food stalls are serving German specialities.

German bratwurst sausages in a roll with fried onions are sold all over the place or you could also go for a  currywurst which is a perfect snack after a few drinks.

More substantial dishes can be found such as pork knuckles, sauerkraut, fried potatoes and much more.

Personaly, I couldn't resist the pretzels, cheesy or salty? I love them both equally.

If you like sweets, the Haribo stall has plenty for you. I recommend the strawberry softies, one of my childhood favourites.

For dessert, there are small German doughnuts called Schmalzkuchen or some Lebkuchen the traditional German gingerbread cookies.  You could also be naughty and indulge to some candy apples or strawberries dipped in chocolate.

If the sun is shining it's definitely a spot to consider for a few beers and even if it isn't sunny it's something different to do for a night out. Lots of the staff who serve the food and drinks are German so it makes you feel as if you're in the heart of Germany, without even leaving Dublin.