Friday 3 January 2014

2013 Highlights for French Foodie in Dublin

So long my dear 2013, you’ve been a very good friend and one of the best years of my life even. For the first time ever I had New Year’s resolutions last year, such as starting my own business and becoming fitter. Those weren’t small resolutions and I didn’t think I’d fulfil them to be honest. At the start of 2013 I had knots in my stomach when going to bed and even woke up a few times in tears as I didn’t think I’d could do it. However I had will-power, motivation and lots of moral support from Mr. FFID and I did it!

I made 2013 a bit of a life-changing year and kept up with my resolutions. I starting running at the start of last year and never gave up, now I'm a regular jogger and love it. I turned 30 thinking I could do whatever I wanted in life. I became an entrepreneur, even if it was scary and I decided to do what I love in general. It has been an awesome year filled with happiness, a real Irish summer, good food and lots of wine of course. 

On the blogging side here are some of French Foodie in Dublin's highlights and maybe some blog posts you missed:

- I celebrated my 30th with friends in Chez Max and a few days later with Mr. FFID in Galway where we had afternoon tea at the G Hotel and dinner in Kai.
- I ate in 3 Michelin-starred restaurants and my favourite by far was Patrick Guilbaud
- I fell in love with Ottolenghi's Jerusalem cookbook
- I got to meet lovely food bloggers during events organised by the Irish Food Blogger association and Bord Bia
- I looked for the best macaron in Dublin
- I was lucky enough to be a judge at the Irish cheese awards 2013
- I had fun during Campo Viejo Tapas trail
- I had my first blogiversary
- I spent a fantastic week in France with my family eating good food in the sunshine
- I started my own business running French Food and Wine tours
- My blog and/or tours were featured in 9 different Irish publications 
- I was blogged by Emily, Trish and Rincy
- I blogged for Image Daily and Brown Thomas
- I won 2 awards (Best Newcomer and best personal blog) at the Blog Awards Ireland.

My favourite foodie spots in 2013 (as I've been many times and they are consistently good) were:

- Pichet
- Brother Hubbard
- Bison Bar
- Avoca Cafe

I also loved The Vintage Kitchen and Kai and I'm hoping to visit them again in 2014.

I'd like to thank you my readers for making my year 2013 so great. I received lots of support through social media and comments and I'm very grateful for that. I wish you a very happy new year 2014 and hope you'll stay around for a while.

Merci! x