Wednesday 5 February 2014

Au revoir January! French Foodie's Instagram

- An indulgent white hot chocolate from Butler's, sometimes it's just lovely to stop for something sweet and comforting when you're out shopping.
- I held my first 'Blogging for Beginners workshop' in Ubode Cafe in January and met 16 lovely future bloggers. I'll be running another workshop in Brooks Hotel on the 26th of March.

- Mr. FFID and I had a fabulous meal in The Chameleon restaurant. I've blogged about this place last year but maybe you missed it so here is the article.
- I love the little French jam jars in the Fitzwilliam hotel and enjoyed every minute of my stay.
- The pork gyoza in Yamamori were delicious and so were the noodles during Yolene's birthday dinner.
- I loved seeing all the freshly baked croissants just out of the oven on my French food tour.
- I had a very Irish lunch which consisted of a pint of Guinness and a seafood chowder in The Bloody Stream in beautiful Howth.
- The blog was featured in French Entrée Magazine.
- I was passing by Temple Bar and saw this amazing Urban Farm's collection of potaoes.

If you fancy following my Instragram update you can follow @Frenchfoodieindublin to discover some food that doesn't make it to the blog.

I can't believe it's February already! Are you feeling romantic now that Valentine's Day is approaching? I'm not sure if we should eat out or if I should cook a nice meal. What do you think?