Thursday 27 February 2014

Beeftro, Pembroke District/Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 16

Update: This place is permanently closed

Beeftro is a steakhouse located in Dundrum Town Centre, with an interior that reminds me of a French bistro. The framed vintage French prints, leather banquettes, beautiful tiles on the ground and French music in the background make you feel transported to Paris.

The starters range from €5.50 for a French onion soup to €12 for a carpaccio of beef with caper lemon jam and popcorn shoots. All of them sound tempting, like the warm salad of flaked confit duck or the grilled boudin blanc. Then there is a choice of different beef cuts (la Tagliata, New York strip, sirloin...) priced from €17 to €29.50 for a filet mignon, They also have burgers and some fish and chicken dishes. On the side a potato puree comes with the steaks in various flavours: natural, sel de Guerande with gravy, smokey bbq, bacon and crispy onion, jalapeño chilli or truffle. During the day (from 12pm to 6pm) their menu express features a choice of dishes for €14 including some French classic such as steak frites, boeuf Bourguignon and moules frites.

It was our second visit and we went for exactly the same things we had previously, surely a sign that we really like the first meal we'd had.

We both kicked off with the truffle and mixed mushroom croquettes (€7.80). These little things are absolutely moreish, the crumb is deliciously crispy and sprinkled with some grated cheese and the filling delightfully creamy and soft with great earthy flavours.

A  mini sauce pan filled with a scrumptious Pont l'Evêque cheese dip comes with it. Eat the croquettes with your hands and dunk them generously in the cheese, so sinful but oh so good!

My sirloin rump steak (€17) was served in the centre of a plate with a little bit of jus and nothing else to distract me from the majestic piece of meat.

I eat my meat rare and this steak was cooked perfectly as requested, it was tender and peppery. The cut is a whopping 300g so it defeated me a little after half way. It's definitely a dish for those with a big appetite.

I went for fries instead of the puree because I'm a steak frites kind of girl and ordered the béarnaise sauce which was excellent. It's a pity that you have to pay extra for the sauce though (€1.50).

Mr. FFID went for the most tender cut: the filet mignon (€29.50). Did you know that 'mignon' means 'cute' in French? Now, the filet mignon is just amazing, so tender it melted in the mouth. It felt more like cutting through butter than meat. This is the best steak in Dublin, that is all.

Mr. FFID's pepper sauce was a little too watery for my taste but the béarnaise was perfect. 

I had to loosen my belt at that stage but we still managed to eat a dessert between the two of us. Our decadent salted caramel, honeycomb and pecan sundae (€6.50) went down a treat, it's just a pity I had to share it.

Our second visit to Beeftro was equally as good as our first one, I'm so glad we returned. Beeftro serves the best steaks in Dublin, they're cooked properly and the meat is top quality. The staff were friendly and bubbly and made our evening very enjoyable. This place was definitely worth the trip outside Dublin city centre for a meal out.

Disclaimer: this is an independent review, I paid for my meal