Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Sexiest Mexican Restaurant in Dublin: 777

‘I can’t believe it took me so long to visit 777’ I said to Mr. FFID whilst enjoying a fantastic Margarita on a Sunday afternoon.

With the frosted windows and the black façade, it's be quite easy to miss 777, a trendy Mexican restaurant and tequila cocktail bar located on South Great Georges Street. 777 is quite small and rather busy, doesn’t take bookings for parties fewer than 6 people and sits couples/pairs on high stools at the bar.

The interior is funky with its white tiled walls, suggestive art pictures and cool display of tequila bottles.

On the menu you find a ‘dinner family style’ at €38 per person for three courses, a range of Mexican small bites and plates, a few mains from the wood burning grill, a late night bites menu and an extensive tequila and cocktail menu. The prices aren’t cheap but they have some specials depending on the day of the week (Margarita Monday, Taco Tuesday and their €7.77 Sundays). 

We visited on a Sunday when we were craving for Mexican food and dreaming of guacamole. Sunday was a good day to visit 777 for the first time as they have 7 brunch dishes, 7 dinner dishes and some cocktails priced at €7.77. 

Because there were just the two of us we were offered seats at the bar, the long orange counter that crosses almost the entire room. There is enough room to hold a few dishes in front of you and you can also see the cocktails being made right in front of you. It’s not an intimate set up that’s for sure but it’s perfect for casual grub over cocktails with good company.

We ordered the ‘tacos al campeon’, two tasty breakfast tacos filled with chorizo, egg and topped with salsa verde.

We also shared ‘El Gringo’ which consisted of crispy nachos served in a skillet with cheese, cream, beans, guacamole and topped with big red chilies. Delish! 

We also had the ‘costillas’, three fiery chili glazed succulent baby back ribs.

I washed down my food with a great Margarita (€10) while Mr FFID had a delicious T-N-T (Tequila and Tonic).

Our bread and butter pudding with dulce de leche (milk jam) was simple but a perfect way to end the meal on a sweet note. I admit loving everything with dulce de leche in it.

To round off the meal we both had a ‘Coco canela’, a smashing sweet cocktail of tequila, chocolate sauce, crème de cacao and cinnamon.

777 is a sexy eatery, it's filled with young and beautiful people, the music is loud and it feels totally hip. I have a massive crush on the place: the flavoursome food, excellent cocktails and great interior. My only regret is not having visited earlier.

7 Castle House, 
South Great Georges Street, 
Dublin 2

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal. 



  1. You're right, it is sexy in the sense that there are lot of hipsters there and the waitstaff are good-looking. But I have to disagree; I think 777 is more flash than substance, their prices are ridiculous and they seem to have an identity crisis. Mexican food is generally cheap and chipper OR high-end; 777 tries to do a bit of both without nailing either. If you're going to charge those kind of prices, you should offer people the option of booking a table (which 777 does not, unless you have a large party - though the space doesn't really suit large parties at all). However even if you sit at the bar, you are expected to vacate the seat after 1 3/4 hours. Just seems a bit one-sided that you have to wait 45 minutes for seat but once you get one you're rushed through your meal - your very expensive meal. The food is hit and miss; I thoroughly enjoyed their raw tuna tacos but found the carnitas to be so salty I couldn't eat it. We also had awful service there and they definitely let us know that they work from the theory of "We are always right" vs "The customer is always right." Anyway glad you enjoyed it but in some ways I feel people here just don't know what the Mexican food experience is supposed to be like, and therefore 777 does well. Hopefully you enjoyed it because things have actually improved since I was there, though I can't bring myself to give it another go after our last terrible experience there.

    1. Hi Clare, I visited on a Sunday at around 6pm which was perfect because I could avail of their €7.77 specials so I didn’t think the food was expensive. We didn't have to wait to get seats, the gentleman was lovely and we weren’t rushed in any way. It's totally hipster and I see why some people may not like it, but I loved it. It’s definitely not an authentic Mexican restaurant (I’ve been to Mexico a few years ago) and I didn’t expect it to be. However I couldn’t fault the service, the food or the cocktails when I was there. It’s a pity you didn’t like it and you had a bad experience. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What is it with Georges Streets and Mexican places? This one, Acapulco, the tapas place...

  3. Lol...last feed re 777....starts by saying I visted and ends with thanks for stopping by!!! management slip perhaps.....!!

    1. Not at all, I thanked her for stopping by my blog. I don't work in 777!