Wednesday 21 May 2014

Pizza On Wheels: Gaillot and Gray in Greystones

I love long walks on sunny days, but I can't do anything without including a satisfying little food experience, I just can't help it. So here is my suggestion for the next sunny Sunday (if we ever get one). Get out of the city and enjoy the cliff walk between Bray and Greystones to get some fresh air and some tan (or sunburn if you're like Mr. FFID).

Walk along the beach in Bray...

Admire the landscapes and feel blessed to live on such a beautiful island...

Feel connected to Mother Nature...

Admire the views...

And then, get yourself to Greystones to reward yourself with a delicious pizza from Gaillot and Gray!

You'll find this vintage Citroen Van parked at Old Watson and Johnson car park, Mill Rd, Greystones. It's owned by French man, Gilles Gaillot and his wife Emma Gray and it's open from Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm to 9pm. I first discovered this food truck at the Odaois Event 2013 where Gilles made some fabulous merguez pizzas and I'd been thinking of visiting ever since.

Gilles makes wood fired pizzas in his stylish little truck and is doing very well, even more so since his pizzas were featured in the Irish Times as one of 'the nation's favourite pizzas'. We had to wait about 45 minutes (on a sunny Sunday evening) but didn't mind as there is a park just across from where the truck is located and you can always pre-order over the phone if you're more prepared than we were. There was a choice of 7 different pizzas when I visited with prices ranging from €9 to €13. What I love is their use of Emmental cheese to top their pizzas, it's different and absolutely scrumptious.

Mr. FFID and I couldn't agree on the toppings and decided to order one pizza each, we deserved it after our long walk.

He had the Emmental, tomato, pepperoni and fresh chili pizza (€12).

It was packed full of flavour and lovely with some chili oil drizzled on it, the kind of pizza with a nice spicy kick!

I have more continental tastes as you can guess and went for their special, which consists of artichoke, onion, basil pesto and chili (€13). So good.

I was delighted with my choice and loved the flavour combinations. You can really tell that the pizzas are made with lovely fresh ingredients, the tomato sauce is flavoursome, the dough is nice and thin and the emmental is golden brown on top. 

Gaillot and Gray reminded me of living in France, stopping with my mum at the entrance of my little town to collect a pizza from the food truck on a Sunday evening as a little treat, exactly like we did with Mr. FFID. 

Gaillot and Gray
Old Watson and Johnson carpark, Mill Rd, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Phone:083 432 6441