Monday 16 June 2014

The Bite Project at Taste of Dublin 2014

I love the way this little blog allows me to meet lovely, interesting and passionate people from the food industry. One such person I met a few months ago is Johan Van Der Merwe, a chef and food stylist originally from South Africa.

Johan asked me if I was interested in being part of the Bite Project: a collaboration with photographer Eugene Langan which consisted of portraits of people from the Irish food scene eating their favourite food or a food related to their role or profession. The idea was to combine food photography and portraits around the theme of the renaissance in Irish food.

I was honoured Johan thought of me and naturally accepted, it sounded all very exciting. On a rainy day (not good for my hair) I headed to Eugene’s studio in Smithfield. Make up artist Brian Ward (who can speak French beautifully) covered my imperfections with his fabulous Dior make up and Johan had macarons, my favourite sweet treats, for me to bite during the photo shoot. It was lots of fun and very difficult for me not to devour the macarons straight away but I resisted bien sûr!

I didn’t see the final picture until recently at Taste of Dublin 2014 in Iveagh Gardens where the Bite Project photo exhibition took place. 

I was delighted to finally see my portrait but also the faces of the other people who were pictured. The pictures were fabulous and everyone looked amazing, it was great to recognise some of the faces I follow on social media or I’ve met in real life.

I didn’t recognise everyone but some of the people included John and Sally from Forest Avenue, food writer Catherine Cleary, butcher Pat Whelan, Easy Food Magazine editor Dee Laffan and many other foodies.

Merci Johan, Eugene and Brian for this fun experience and well done!