Wednesday 15 October 2014

FFID's Face Lift

Have you noticed? I hope you have. It's my new branding, bien sûr!

I'm delighted to launch the new header and logo for French Foodie in Dublin. I was getting seriously bored of the previous one. I awkwardly designed it (if you can call it design) a few years ago, so I decided it was time for a change.

I met with fantastic New Zealand born graphic designer & illustrator Mel Gardner and I told her I wanted something new and fun, that represents the blog. So the little lady on the left with the beret and stripy top is me and is pretty much how I look (although I'm a bit chubbier in real life) when I run my French food tours. Of course I often walk around Dublin with a baguette, cheese and grapes (in the form of wine) and the Georgian buildings represent Dublin. I think Mel did a great job (I hope you agree) and designed exactly what I was looking for.

You're more and more to visit this blog everyday so I wanted it to look pretty, I hope you like it!

If you ever need a graphic designer/illustrator and like what Mel did for me, her website can be found here.