Friday 31 October 2014

Brother Hubbard South, 46 Harrington Street, Dublin 8

Blog update: Sister Sadier has been renamed Brother Hubbard South (same owners, same great food)

Brother Hubbard was one of the first places I ever reviewed. I still remember my first visit on a Saturday, it was my first Dublin cafe crush really. At that time it was still quiet enough and easy to get a table. A few years have passed and it has became one of my favourite places and I pretty much always have to queue for a table every time I go. The family has even extended with Little Brother next door (mainly for take-away food) and we have now Sister Sadie on the Southside.

Located on Harrington Street Sister Sadie looks as good as her siblings, which were all designed by Designgoat. There are two parts to the cafe, one where you can order food and drinks to take away, buy some coffee related products or simply wait for a table. The other part is the main sitting area where you can enjoy food onsite. The interior is sleek and minimalist, it is certainly stylish with the copper lights and the ultra modern matching tables and stools.

The menu is pretty much the same as in BH: breakfast options, soup, salads, a selection of sandwiches, some specials, a great selection of hot and cold drinks and baked goods. They also have some of their brunch specials and I'd imagine they will add more to the menu, like in the other branch.

I visited on a weekday at lunchtime with a friend and it was jam-packed, we only had to wait for a few minutes to get a table though. Because it was very busy the noise level was quite high (maybe because of the high ceiling) and people were sitting quite close to each other.

My friend went for the soup, a great inexpensive lunch option for only €5.95. It was Turkish red lentil, tomato and mint with fresh herbs and a smoked aubergine yogurt sauce. I love the Middle Eastern influence in their food, it is always packed full of flavours. It came with a sourdough bread and lovely hummus. She really enjoyed it.

I went for the salad special (€11.95) which consisted of roast red peppers stuff with lemon and herb couscous, caramelised onion and feta cheese. I chose the cucumber salad and the carrot and fennel salad to go with it. The portion was massive, the food was beautifully fresh and seasoned with the most perfect dressings. There was home-made hummus and sourdough bread with it too. It was a generous colourful healthy lunch which was just excellent and left me full to the brim.

My friend decided to indulge and went for one of their hot chocolates, one of the best in Dublin. It's presented in two jugs, one filled with a rich thick chocolate ganache and the other one with chocolate milk. Then you can just mix them and just go straight to chocolate heaven, it deserved a GIF... Here you go...

Sister Sadie doesn't disappoint and is a charming addition to the family. The staff are friendly and welcoming, the food excellent and she surely is a pretty gal. No doubt it will become a Southsider’s favourite soon where people will queue for their weekend brunch.

Sister Sadie
46 Harrington Street
Dublin 8
Currently open M-F 7.45 to 5.00

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.