Monday, 17 November 2014

A Coffee Shop to Bear in Mind

When strolling down Blackrock's Main Street on a Sunday afternoon in search of a hot drink Mr. FFID and I stumble upon Bear Market Coffee.

At first I think 'That's pretty hipster looking' but upon further inspection there are no bearded men (except from my better half) or MacBooks in sight. The atmosphere is relaxed, nice tunes and a mix of families and couple getting some drinks to take away.

The wonderful interior is a combination of steel and wood: the owners Stephen Deasy and Ruth Hussey met during their architectural studies and designed the cafe themselves. There are glass jars filled with Wall and Keogh teas and products from Pure Food Bakery on display on the wooden counter top.

There is a range of speciality beans roasted locally and gadgets to purchase for the coffee lovers out there. Plenty of treats and snacks can be found on the shelves, especially suitable for the health-conscious.  A few high stools are placed throughout the small cafe, just in case you decide to have a little break.

This is definitely a coffee shop to bear in mind when in Blackrock. Sorry about the pun, I couldn't resist!

Bear Market Coffee
19 Main Street Blackrock
Co. Dublin

This is an independent review, I paid for my drinks.



  1. Looks like such a cute little place! I'm dying to get back to Europe ... and when I do I have quite an arsenal of coffee shops stored away to visit! :)

    xo Elle

    1. We have lots of great coffee shops in Dublin, I reviewed plenty of them if you ever visit Dublin!