Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015: What's next for FFID?

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 will be filled with happiness and good food for you all, dear readers.

2014 went so quick, it's hard to believe it's over. It has been a good year in general, especially for this blog and my still-quite-new business.

I've done a round-up of my favourite restaurants in 2014 but here are my blog highlights:

- Cooking demo at Electric Picnic
- Being part of the panel discussion at Banter
- Being part of the Bite Project photography exhibition at Taste of Dublin
- Winning Best Food Blog at both the BOPs and blog awards
- Working with my Little Paris and Tourism Ireland in France on a tourism campaign
- Running the successful French Food Fair On The Square
- Running my tours, movie clubs and blogging workshops
- Meeting Marco Pierre White for coffee and a chat (more on that on the blog later)
- Being on the cover of the Sunday supplement of the Sunday Times and being featured in many other publications

So yes, lots of great things happened and it's thanks to the people who read this blog. Let's face it if no one was reading it I don't think I'd bother writing it, so thank you so much!

I'm hoping this year will be even better, I have goals and will work my French butt off (excuse my French) to achieve them.

The year is going to start on a different note since I am writing this just before heading off to Ballymaloe Cookery School. You heard right, I have butterflies in my stomach right now looking at a big backpack and a suitcase filled with all I need for the next three months. I didn't sleep much last night with the excitement and I even dreamt of Darina Allen and her cool red glasses. On Monday morning I will be starting the 12 week certificate course and I'm excited, nervous, happy and have no idea what's my life is going to be like for the next few months.

Of course I'm hoping that my move to Cork isn't going to affect this blog so here is how I see it after planning my editorial calendar:

- Mondays: I will publish a weekly round-up about my experience at Ballymaloe. You can also follow  me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for photo updates.

- Wednesdays: There will be a Dublin review on the blog. I discovered cools spots in the last few weeks and will still share them here.

- Fridays: I'm thinking of posting my food recommendations for Paris and Cork (I will alternate).

How does that sound? I hope you will stick with me during what is about to be a very exciting part of my life.

Once again, Happy New Year!

PS: I'll be back in Dublin on Saturday 31st of January to run a blogging workshop, you can book here.


  1. Best of luck Ketty! I am so jealous of your new adventure :)

  2. Wishing you the very best of luck over the next few months !may it all be fantastic!Bon Chance!x

  3. So jealous you're going to Ballymaloe. I got a voucher for the place but it doesn't quite cover the 12 week course. Hoping to persuade one of my daughters to do it with me in a couple of years!!! Ger

    1. I hope you and your daughter will do the course! Make it happen! ;)

  4. So excited to read about your Cork adventures in the New Year. Hope you have a fantastic time but do keep sharing your foodie reviews or else I won't know where's good to eat!

    1. Thank you Kate and happy new year! I will still post my Dublin reviews! :)

  5. Ketty happy new year and congrats on all 2015 projects! Wish you the best and we'll keep on reading, eagerly! Cheers!!! Vero

  6. Happy New Year Ketty. You'll have a fabulous time in Ballymaloe. Be sure to enjoy the ride:)

    1. Thanks Marian, happy new year to you too! x

  7. Ketty - Bonne Année (et bonne santé surtout!). I cannot wait to follow along your adventures (and think your blog posting plan sounds great - I'll be there reading!). Good luck - 2015 is going to be an exciting year for you!