Thursday 15 January 2015

The fanciest hot dogs in Dublin: Frite Haus

Update: Frite Haus is now closed

We’re human, sometimes we need some soakage after a few drinks in the pub but we still have to have standards. These standards can be annoying for those around me as it takes twice as long to decide where to eat. A few weeks ago Mr. FFID, Richie Big Finger (don’t ask) and I were on our way from one pub to another when we found ourselves on Camden Street. We needed some grub and my attention got caught by the pink neon sign saying ‘Frites’, meaning ‘fries’ in French.

Owned by Padraic Hayden, owner of the Camden Kitchen who lived in Brussels, Frite Haus specialises in fries as well as the fanciest hot dogs you’ll find in the Irish capital. Of course you can get fries, as the name of the place suggests but what is different is the choice of sauces: ketchup and mayo are free and other options are available for a small supplemental fee. From Cashel blue cheese to wasabi mayo, from Ponzy elmusion to bĂ©arnaise, these aren’t the regular sauces from your local chipper. The menu also features a choice of gourmet hot dogs, burgers, wings, salads, soups and Belgian waffles.

Mr. FFID went for the Jane Russell’s bratwurst (€7.95), which is an Irish made German style sausage. It came in a substantial roll from the local bakery, the Bretzel Bakery served with homemade sauerkraut, German mustard, gherkins and delicious crispy onion rings on top. It was really good.

I went for something a little more original, the wild Irish venison sausage hot dog (€8.95).  A bit pricey but with lovely flavour combinations: pickled red cabbage, mustard aioli and watercress leaves, they went great with the gamy meat.

Finally, Richie Big Finger had the Frankfurter classic dog (€6.95), which is so much better than anything you’ll get at Oktoberfest or any of the Christmas markets in Dublin. This was a classic smoked frankfurter sausage from Hick's of Dun Laoghaire with yellow mustard, ketchup and crispy onions.

We shared some excellent fries (they fry them in beef dripping) and a decent truffle and Parmesan sauce, all washed down with Irish craft beer and cider (they also have Belgian and German beer). I thought the onion rings were a little on the greasy side though, but some people may enjoy that.

They certainly deserve brownie points for the use of local artisan food products, which justify the prices being a bit higher than some other sandwich places. The hot dogs are a good size and are plenty if you’re having a side with them. The staff were lovely, although I could have done without the little remark that I’d like a cheesy sauce because I was French. Other than that, you probably won’t find better hot dogs in Dublin, so give it a go!

Frite Haus
87 Camden Street
Dublin 2

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.