Thursday 30 April 2015

Six Irish Food Instagram Accounts To Follow

6 Irish Food Instagram to follow

Instagram has become my favourite social media lately, I just love looking at pretty pictures of food and places shared instantaneously (Jaysus, I just realised that I can't pronounce this word while writing it) all over the world. Also, since I have been using it I pay more attention to my surroundings and to little details in the city or wherever I go.

In the last few weeks I was delighted to be recommended by the Irish Mirror and the Daily Edge as one of the top Irish food Instagrammers to follow. I was a bit sad to see some of my favourites left out of these lists, so here are my personal favourite Irish food Instagram accounts. Give them a follow if you don't already, they're a talented bunch!

1. Imen Mc Donnell (@modernfarmette)

Farmette - 6 Irish Food Instagram to follow

Imen swapped her New York life to live in the Irish countryside where she married an Irish farmer. Her account is visually stunning and would make even a city-dweller like me want to move to an Irish farm. Her blog is equally beautiful and she's writing a cookbook at the moment which I'm looking forward to reading.

Visit also her blog Farmette.

2. Katie Sanderson (@katiejsanderson)

6 Irish Food Instagram to follow - Katie Sanderson

This young chef is definitely one to watch on the Irish food scene. Katie shares all her stunning food creations on her Instagram account; expect to see pretty dishes, sourdough breads and fermented foods, foraging and sometimes even her beautiful face.

3. Donal Skehan (@donalskehan)

6 Irish Food Instagram to follow - Donal Skehan

I probably don't need to introduce Donal Skehan, the most successful food blogger in Ireland. Donal shares his recipes on Instagram as well as beautiful pictures of places he visits and his hometown of Howth. His food photography is always a pleasure to watch! 

4. The Little Green Spoon (@thelittlegreenspoon)

6 Irish Food Instagram to follow - The Little Green spoon

I don't usually drool over pictures of super healthy food BUT Indy has a great blog (The Little Green Spoon) and the photographs she shares on her Instagram account always make me want to the switch to the healthy side.

5. Forkful TV (@forkfultv)

6 Irish Food Instagram to follow - Forkful TV

Mark and Aoife from Forkful share their work on their Instagram. They make beautiful video recipes for their clients and also do features for different Irish newspapers and magazines. 

6. Nessa Robins (@nessarobins)

6 Irish Food Instagram to follow - Nessa Robins

Nessa Robins' Instagram account is filled with simple homemade food, styled beautifully. She also shares some insights into her family life in the Irish countryside. Nessa also has a fantastic blog (Nessa's Family Kitchen) where she shares her recipes.


Do you have any favourite Irish food Instagram accounts? Please share them in the comments below.