Sunday 3 May 2015

Chef’s Table: The Netflix Series for Food Lovers

I don't usually use Netflix (Mr. FFID does) but I recently watched Chef’s Table, a Netflix series, which was released at the end of April.

David Gelb who directed Jiro Dreams of Sushi came up with this six episode food documentary about some of the best chefs in the world.

You get a behind the scenes look at the kitchens and restaurants of six super talented chefs who are based in different parts of the world (Italy, Argentina, America, Australia and Sweden). Each episode focuses on the chef and the story behind his/her restaurant. You learn how they got started, the challenges they encountered along with how being so successful and involved in their work impacts on their personal lives.

My favourite episode was the one with Massimo Bottura who owns the 3rd best restaurant in the world. His passion, his philosophy and the relationship with his wife were depicted beautifully.
I also loved Dan Barber’s vision (episode no. 2), he brings the ‘farm to table’ concept to a whole new level.

Overall it’s well worth watching for the incredible cinematography and if you have an interest in food, restaurants or even just want to see what the food looks like in some of the world's top restaurants.

Have you watched Chef's Table? Let me know if you liked it.

Disclaimer: I wasn't asked to promote Netflix, this is like everything else on this blog, my personal recommendation.