Friday 8 May 2015

The Perfect Spot for A Cuppa: Oolong Flower Power

Update: Oolong Flower Power is permanently closed

There are many great cafes in Dublin but some of them are so popular that it can be difficult to get a table or they may be too busy or noisy to sit for a comfortable chat. One of my favourite places in Dublin for a bit of tranquility is Oolong Flower Power, I haven't blogged about it until now despite visiting many times.

It's a bit of a hidden gem, located just a few minutes away from Stephens Green on Stephens Street Lower.

Oolong is a stylish little cafe with a few tables and bistro style chairs on the ground floor and a display of their extensive selection of teas. They can be enjoyed onsite or purchased to take away as it's a retail shop as well as being a tea room.

I usually go for a matcha latte when I'm there, a huge bowl of it, which may be a little too much portion wise but that I find delicious nonetheless.  If you want something a little more spectacular and highly Instagrammable go for one of their blooming teas.  They also serve food (which I haven't tried so I can't tell you if it's any good) including their 'teazzas', pizzas with tea infused passata sauce.

My favourite spot is their basement seating area, with big leather couches and tables all around the room. It's just a great little spot to chillax or to take advantage of their wifi if needed.

Finally, what I like about Oolong is their opening hours, it's kind of difficult to find good cafes open after office hours in Dublin city centre but it's one of the exceptions as they close at 10pm (9pm on Sundays). Now, I've just revealed one of my favourite secret spots, more to come soon.

Oolong Flower Power
4 Stephens Street Lower
Dublin 2

This is an independent review, I paid for my drinks.