Friday 18 September 2015

French Foodie in Dublin's Latest Features

The blog has been a little quieter in the last few weeks I have to admit. I'm not gonna feel too much blogger's guilt, I know you all got along just fine without knowing what I ate for the past few weeks. But I'm back and I wanted to share a little round up of some lovely features of my blog and my tours in the press and online.

- Food Confessions in Taste magazine: I was honoured to be featured in the latest edition of Taste (see picture above) which is a food magazine published by the team at the RTÉ Guide. You can still find the magazine in the shops at the moment and read the feature here.

- Cook (and Eat) like a French Woman on I was interviewed by Lizzie Gore-Grimes for Image Interiors & Living at the start of the year but the feature was recently published on You can read the interview and find out about my mysterious origins (i.e Why I don't look like your typical French woman) here.

- My egg and avocado toast featured on The While I was browsing the Internet I noticed that my egg and avocado on toast (which is hardly a recipe) was featured earlier this week on the (see number 5).

Last but not least latest business venture, Delicious Dublin Tours was featured on Ariel House's blog. Deirdre McDonald general manager at Ariel House joined my food tour along with Fiona Dillon and Paula Ryan back in August. Ariel House shared some wonderful pictures on their blog and I was chuffed by their lovely words.

Well it's always lovely to feel the love even in times when the blog isn't updated as much. Anyway, that's enough about me, how was your week?

Have a wonderful (and tasty) weekend!