Wednesday 13 January 2016

FFID's New Look & Resolutions for 2016

First of all, I hope you've noticed FFID's new look! I thought that with the start of a new year it was a good time to make the blog a little slicker, not to mention more mobile friendly. Hope you like it guys!

I know we're almost half way through January and everyone else has already posted (or already broken) their resolutions but I thought I'd put some of mine here. Sure, why not? I'm not sure if they're goals or resolutions but they're things I want to work on over the next months.

Post recipes on the blog
This is the one I've been wanting to do for AGES and that's never actually happened. I really wanted to start posting recipes when I came back from my training in Ballymaloe Cookery School but for some reason I never managed to get around to it. So here it is, in 2016 I'm going to post recipes!

Try food places I've never been to before
When I started the blog I thought it was great as it motivated me to try different places. I have to admit that last year I considerably decreased the amount I ate out in restaurants compared to 2012 (the year I started the blog) and when I do go out, it's often back to the same places. In 2016 it's going to change, Mr. FFID and I have actually listed the places we want to try out for dinner in the next year and we'll stick to it. As usual I'll make sure to share my favourites if they're worth writing home about.

Sort out the food side of my wedding
I'm getting married this summer and I have pretty much everything sorted except for the most important aspect... the food! Eek... you can imagine that I want it to be good, so I need to get organised ASAP.

Buy more cookbooks
I dream of having hundreds of cookbooks... I don't have the space for them but I have a huge wish list and would like to buy more this year. I might even review my favourites, who knows.

Go to some of the Korean restaurants in Dublin
Korean food was a big trend in 2015 and has became more popular in Dublin. I've heard good reports about some of the Korean food places in Dublin and I want to try some of them. Feel free to make suggestions.

Look after my sourdough starter 
I'm the worst mother of all, I killed two sourdough starters last year. I went away and never fed them or put them in the fridge, which is a shame as I had made some beautiful breads thanks to them. Now I've been looking after my new baby sourdough starter since the start of the year and I think he's ready to be used for making (hopefully) some delicious loaves of bread. His name is Quentin (named after Tarantino) and I'll keep you updated on how he gets on.

Blog about what I love
When I started the blog I just wrote about what I liked, without too much thinking. I think the blog was a bit more personal at the start and that some of this might have been lost. After all, it can be intimidating to have people reading about your life. So yes, I am going to go back to just posting what I like, without overthinking it too much.

Ignoring the negativity
When you're a blogger you use social media a lot and negativity is something you come across very often. Between the people who think you must be corrupt because you write positive reviews or the ones who are always commenting on what bloggers do in a passive agressive way, there is a lot of bitching and begrudging going around. I think it's important not to pay too much attention to what other people think, my blog is a happy place and no one is going to change that!

I will spare you my personal and professional goals, sometimes it's good not to share everything online. It's better to wreck the heads of people you know in real life with those kind of debates about your life's ambitions over a good bottle of wine, don't you think?

So have you come up with (or already broken) any resolutions for 2016? Let me know in the comments!