Thursday 4 February 2016

5 Romantic Restaurants in Dublin

5 Romantic Restaurants in Dublin

I can recall the only time Mr. FFID and I ate out on Valentine's Day, it was back in 2014 and we went to Forest Avenue and had a wonderful time. This year we're planning to stay in but I'm sure some some of you will treat your other half for a meal out so I thought I'd compile a list of restaurants that I think would be perfect for a tête à tête.

Terra Madre

This tiny Italian restaurant is located on the basement level on Bachelor's Walk. With only a few tables it feels like you're sitting in someone's dining room. The menu features very simple, rustic dishes but the food is comforting and feels authentic. It's getting more popular and since there are so few tables it's often full, book in advance!


I love sitting at the low tables in Chameleon and the concept of 'rijst tafel' (Indonesian tapas) is great if you're comfortable with sharing your food with your dining partner. It's much more relaxed than a fine dining restaurant and the food absolutely bursts with flavour, perfect if you're looking for something a little different!

Locks 1 Windsor Terrace

On your way there you can walk along the canal and watch the swans, which I find pretty romantic. Then the restaurant itself has a lovely dining room and the food is very good (review to follow). The tables for two are nicely spaced out which is something you miss in many of the city centre restaurants.

The Port House Pintxo

I haven't been in a while but when I lived in Temple Bar Mr. FFID and I used to go for dinners quite regularly. It's darkly lit which makes the atmosphere quite romantic and intimate, you can order lots of food to share between two people and it's relaxed. Ideal if you want something a little casual.

Mulberry Garden

A gorgeous restaurant located in a cottage in Donnybrook Village, Mulberry Garden serve beautiful food using seasonal Irish ingredients. I highly recommend this place for any special occasion and they're open on Valentine's Day in case you want to spoil your special someone.

I'm not sure if they will serve their regular menu or have a Valentine's menu on the night, make sure to check if you're booking any on these places.

Do you have a favourite spot for a romantic meal? Let me know in the comments.