Wednesday 9 March 2016

Foodie Wedding Inspiration #2

Yes, I am back with some wedding inspiration. The last time was in January and to be honest the wedding planning hasn't been intensive over the last few weeks. Let me tell you that the day we tried to go wedding ring shopping with Mr. FFID we got frustrated and went for margaritas instead. That said we have time, well we like to think we do...

So here are a few things I found online and think could be pretty cool, not only for my wedding by the way!

source: pinterest

1. Cheese Wedding Cake

Yes, there will be one at my wedding and I'm sure you probably expected it. I think it's just brilliant to see that cheese wedding cakes are becoming more and more popular as an alternative cake. Now I am not sure how it will look like but I like the one above very much. Mine will probably be a combination of both French and Irish cheeses.

source: belleandchic
2. Infused olive oil wedding favours

Loving the presentation of these cute bottles of infused olive oil as wedding favours. You have to many options in terms of deciding what to infuse, it could be herbs, chillies or even garlic... Add some cute tags and flowers like above et voilĂ !

source: pinterest
3. Popcorn bar

Why not having a popcorn bar? You can have so many different flavours and guests can help themselves and fill their little popcorn boxes or treat bags. Savoury or sweet, it could be lovely to nibble on some popcorn while having a few drinks!

source: confettidaydreams
4. Rustic vintage suitcases and crates for drinks

The above bottles of wine look pretty class in those vintage suitcases and crates. Vintage suitcases can be found in any charity shop and the addition of a bunch of flowers can make the whole thing look more sophisticated.

source: bridal musings

5. Macaron tower

This is the dream of all French macarons' lovers out there (me included)... It can be a very colourful tower or just one colour. This one is pretty funky and eye-catching but there are so many you can steal from be inspired by on Pinterest.

Do you know of any brilliant foodie wedding ideas? Let me know in the comments!