Wednesday 6 April 2016

5 Tips to Take Good Instagram Food Pictures With Your Phone

5 Tips to Take Good Instagram Food Pictures With Your Phone

You probably know how much I love Instagram (follow me @frenchfoodieindublin). My account is a mix of food and Dublin which kind of sums up my blog. I'm not the best food photographer but I've been asked for advice a few times so I though I'd share my 5 top tips to take good Instagram food pictures with your phone.

1. Lighting

Avoid taking pictures of food at night or under artificial light. It's easier said than done especially in winter time when cooking dinner or if you're eating out. Take pictures of food in natural light (not in direct sunlight) and preferably by a window.

2. Editing apps

Ok, ok you might need a filter or two. Personally I don't use Instagram filters but that's the style I chose. There are so many editing apps you can use and which can make your food pictures stand out, try VSCO cam, Snapseed, Foodie or Afterlight.

3. Angles

Watch your angles if you want to take the most flattering picture of your dishes. Many people snap their food from above (I do it a lot myself).

4. Background

I like using a white background as it makes the food stand out, wooden tables or backdrops work really well too. Using a wall as a background can look really cool too if you're shooting an ice cream  or taking a picture from something on the side.

5. Follow accounts of people who take amazing food pictures

It may sound silly but this is the best way to improve your food photography. There are lots of talented people and so much inspiration to be found. Watching what other people are doing will make you want to improve and you can see what works and what style you like. It's not about copying, just learning from the community.

Do you have any personal tips? Share them in the comments below.