Monday 16 January 2017

Sponsored: A Balanced Breakfast with belVita

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I make sure never to skip it. As a matter of fact, breakfast is usually my healthiest meal of the day, so I always try to make time for it.

I was surprised to learn that 80% of the Irish people manage to eat breakfast every morning, it’s pretty good right? But that still leaves a lot of people who skip breakfast and use ‘lack of hunger’ or ‘being too busy in the morning’ as excuses reasons.

Personally there are a few reasons why I don’t skip breakfast:

1. It gives me energy for the day
If I skip breakfast I’m not able to function properly and I generally feel weak or sleepy by 11am.

2. I’m able to focus more
It’s impossible to focus on an empty stomach, especially when you go hungry by mid-morning, all you can think of is your empty stomach and the noise it makes!

3. It keeps me hunger free until lunch
When I have a nutritious breakfast in the morning I’m much less likely to get hungry before lunch.

4. It’s part of my morning routine
I like sticking to my morning routine, it makes me more productive for the day. It involves getting up very early, going for a run, having breakfast, having a shower, getting through emails and getting stuck into work. Skipping breakfast would mess up my rhythm.

5. I feel robbed if I skip a meal
Lets face it, food is my obsession and I need to have three meals a day, or else I feel cheated.

I’m delighted to be partnering with belVita Breakfast for this post. Their breakfast biscuits are a good option for a lovely balanced breakfast, may it be from the comfort of your home or ‘on-the-go’ (on the bus, at your desk...).  

I’ve tasted most of their products (it’s a hard job) and I like them, the range of flavours is quite varied so there’s plenty of choice. I tend to stick to the more traditional ones like ‘Golden oats’ and ‘Milk & cereals’ but ‘Crunchy chop chips’  or ‘Honey & nuts with choc chips’ are great too because it means I can eat chocolate for breakfast without feeling guilty. Combined with a piece of fruit, a portion of dairy and a hot drink, it’s your balanced breakfast sorted! Personally I like crumbling them into my yogurt.

Here are some combinations I’d suggest for breakfast using some of the belVita products:
·       belVita Breakfast biscuit (Honey & Nuts with choc chips) + natural yogurt + tea + a blood orange
·       belVita Breakfast Crunchy (Choc chips) + vanilla yogurt + a clementine + a mint leaf infusion
·       belVita Breakfast Tops (Choco-Hazelnuts) + greek yogurt + kiwi fruit + tea
·       belVita Breakfast (Golden Oats) + berry smoothie + lemon and mint infused water

Enjoy your breakfast!

Some information about belVita:
belVita work with their farming partners to source five of the finest wholegrains
belVita biscuits slowly release carbohydrates over 4 hours as part of a balanced breakfast
belVita Breakfast Biscuits are available in many shops nationwide

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by belVita Breakfast