Monday 6 March 2017

A Very French Brunch in Dublin: Ladurée

Whenever I feel like going to Paris my cheap alternative is always to spend some time in Dublin's Ladurée. I couldn't believe it when they opened their tea house on South William Street last year and I've visited many times to buy macarons or drink a hot chocolate on a dreary day... It really does the trick to make me feel like I've been to France for a few minutes.

The shop is beautiful, just as you'd expect from this world famous macaron brand. They also have a small tea room at the back which is very often packed.

What I really want to tell you about is their brunch. I had it for the first time back in December and thought it was really good value (€15 per person) so I went back a second time and just had to write about it here.

First of all you have a choice of a hot drink, and I always go for their luscious hot chocolate.

Next they bring you a basket of warm breads, butter and jams (the orange jam was delicious).

After that you get a glass of orange juice and your main dish (eggs benedict with bacon or smoked salmon or French toast). The eggs benedict are presented very simply with hollandaise sauce in a jug.

At this stage you're pretty full and when you think it's over they bring your madeleine or financier. The pistachio financier was an absolute winner.

Personally I really like it, it's very continental and with the different courses and pretty surroundings it feels fancier than going for a main dish and a hot drink in a regular cafe where the food would actually work out more expensive. I have to be honest, the service can be a hit and miss but that's never stopped me from going back. Be warned, this brunch contains so much carbs and sugar that you might want to go for a nap afterwards!

Ladurée Dublin
1-3 South William Street
Dublin 2
Ladurée Dublin's Facebook page

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.