Tuesday 5 June 2018

Review: Urbanity, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Urbanity Smithfield

Disclaimer: This is an independent review and I paid for my food

Mr. FFID and I have started going on 'breakfast dates' from time to time, just to get a change from the usual morning routine of porridge at home. We don't do it that often but when we do we look for a place that isn't too far from our home and respective workplaces.

Recently we found ourselves in Urbanity in Smithfield for one of our breakfasts out. It's a speciality café that opens at night too (Wednesday to Saturday) as a casual restaurant. It ain't new (operating since 2016) but it's almost hidden off the main square, down a little lane. They open at 7am during the week which is convenient for the early risers, but they also have late breakfast options available.

Urbanity sources single origin coffee beans from Nordic Approach in Oslo and roast them in their on site roaster. When it comes to food provenance the menu lists some good suppliers such as Mc Nally's, Village Dairy, Tartine and Lilliput. Breakfast options include healthy fare like porridge, in-house granola and acai bowls. The lunch features sandwiches, soup, buckwheat and quinoa bowls while dinner is a mix of small plates (€5-€8) and a selection of 6 mains (€13-€17).

Mr. FFID's organic scrambled eggs with buttered greens and chives were well cooked and substantial, served on a thick slice of toasted bread (€7.50) and two slices of bacon (€3).

Urbanity Smithfield

I went for the grilled halloumi sandwich which was good but maybe one to order for lunch rather than for breakfast. It consists of toasted sourdough with grilled slices of halloumi, smashed avocado, roasted pepper and a fried egg (€9). It worked perfectly in terms of flavour combinations; I just thought serving dressed salad leaves for breakfast doesn't really work.

Urbanity Smithfield

I didn't have coffee on that occasion but I remember Mr. FFID commenting on it being very good, an Ethiopian bean if I recall correctly. While I don't really tend to eat out for brunch, Urbanity's brunch menu looks interesting, highlighting ingredients that sound like music to my ears such as 'merguez', 'Sriracha ham hock' and 'dukkah'. Urbanity is definitely one to think of if you're looking a café with a relaxed atmosphere.

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