Friday 8 February 2019

The Gastronomic Digest #2


I hope you enjoyed the first Gastronomic Digest last week. This article is actually my 500th post here on the blog, I never thought I would reach this number when I started almost 7 years ago. Anyway, here is what I found interesting this week...

What are the oldest restaurants in the world? (Worldwide)

Everybody gets hyped up about the latest openings these days but how about the places that have been here forever? This list of the oldest restaurants in the world by Condé Nast Traveler seems like an awesome bucket list for any serious food tourists. I knew about Restaurante Botín in Madrid (1725) and La Tour d'Argent in Paris (1582) but there are some oldies out there that kick their ass in terms of longevity, I'm looking at you  St. Peter Stiftskulinarium in Salzburg mentioned by Charlemagne in 803 A.D! 

Have a look at the full list here > The Oldest Restaurants in the World

(Picture credit: Le Figaro)

Masters in Food Politics in English in Lille (France)

This one is for all the food nerds that are interested in agriculture and food policies. This masters in Food Politics taught in English in Lille sounds like a very interesting one, especially for those looking to challenge our broken food system. Plus, you get to study in a country where the food ain't too bad.

More information here> Masters in Food Politics

Matt Orlando has opened a craft brewery and restaurant in Copenhagen (Denmark)

As you may know, I've been to Copenhagen twice and loved it (see my food and drink recommendations). Now I'm definitely adding this one to my third trip...  Matt Orlando, former sous chef at Noma and owner of Amass is known for his commitment to a zero waste policy and turning food scraps into stunning dishes. He has just started a new venture: Broaden & Build, a craft brewery and casual restaurant. One that promises to be exciting for all the craft beer lovers out there.

More information here > Chef Matt Orlando Takes on the World of Craft Beer

Source: Broaden & Build

Is Helsinki the next European food destination? (Finland)

This article on the culinary potential of Helsinki in Finland is quite reminiscent of what's going on in Ireland. The Finnish capital is going through a food revolution and Food & Wine believes 'It's a Really Good Time to Eat in Helsinki'. Between young chefs proud of the local produce, a focus on sustainability and vegetarian food, it looks like Helsinki has food destination potential. It made me want to check it out for sure!

Read the full article > 'It's a Really Good Time to Eat in Helsinki'

Source: myhelsinki

New Food Emojis on the way and there's a butter one! (Worldwide)

Finally, something a little lighter. The list of approved emojis for 2019 has just been released. As usual, a number of food emojis have been thrown into the mix. The butter emoji is probably the most exciting one, I can picture myself overusing it already.

See all the approved emojis > Emojipedia.