Tuesday 12 March 2019

A little announcement: my contribution to two books

When I was 18-19 years old I started developing an obsession with travel.  I watched every single travel documentary on French TV and my mam even bought me a subscription to a travel magazine called GEO which I loved reading.

At that time, I already knew I wanted to pursue tourism studies, live in an English speaking country and see the world. Many years later, not only have I done all these things but I also started French Foodie in Dublin and Delicious Dublin Tours which have both brought me some great opportunities.

A few months ago I received an email from Gallimard (one of the leading French book publishers) which publishes travel guide books called GEOGuide in collaboration with GEO. I was asked to contribute to the first edition of their new GEOGuide 'Coups de Coeur' about Ireland, a smaller and more magazine-like version of their regular GEOGuide book. I didn't have to think twice and I was delighted to work on this project for a couple of weeks. I really enjoyed writing about places I love in Ireland and being involved in the creation of an actual book released in my native country. I got to write about some of my favourite food and drink businesses but also other sites and shops I love in Dublin and around the island.

I would have never imagined something like this to happen at the time I was reading my GEO magazines back in my teenage bedroom many moons ago, even though travel writing has always been something that interested me.

Well, now I can officially say that I'm a food and travel writer when people want to be nasty and tell me that I am 'just a blogger' (evil laughs). Not only is my written work scattered around the book but I'm also featured in it and there's a pic of me too. My contributions also made it to the updated version of the full GEOGuide Irlande, so technically I contributed to two books, I can't believe it!

I don't really like blowing my own trumpet but I guess I owe this little achievement to most of you. This isn't an ad for the book and I'm not paid to write this blog post (as you can guess my audience lives here and doesn't need a travel book about Ireland that's written in French) but just a personal announcement and an opportunity to thank you. Without the blog and people reading it, none of this stuff would happen so 'merci beaucoup'!