Tuesday 13 August 2019

Korean Fried Chicken on Aungier Street: Chimac, Dublin 2


Chimac wasn't even open for more than a few hours before people started posting pictures of their food all over social media. I hate the term 'food porn' but this really is what came to my mind when I saw those first snaps posted by some eager Dublin foodies.

Chimac is located in the foodie hub that this part of Aungier street is fast becoming, just across Uno Mas (read review here) and Lucky Tortoise (read review here). Open every day of the week, this casual spot is all about Korean inspired fried (free-range Irish) chicken. The menu is compact and inexpensive, ranging from a choice of chicken sandwiches (€8.50-€8.95) to chicken wings, nuggets and cauliflower wings (€6-€13) as well as fries and cucumber salad (€3.75; €3.95).

"Are we the oldest people in the room?" I asked Mr FFID. Yes, we totally were, which made us giggle. We loved the way the drink menu was printed on beer mats left on the table, featuring craft beers and a few wines. I was seduced by their frosé (€7) which was almost too easy to drink and served in the cutest custom mug ever.

I'll be honest in saying that chicken is the meat I eat the least (after being traumatised by a visit to a chicken processing plant a few years ago) so we didn't go too crazy when ordering. We shared the kimcheese chicken sambo (€8.95), a twice-fried chicken breast with a crispy coating that comes with a gooey Ssamjang (a spicy Korean paste) and cheese sauce, spring onion Kimchi and a gochujang (Korean red chili paste) mayo. Probably not the easiest thing to eat with the ends of the chicken breast coming out of the potato bun but still a satisfying burger with solid flavours.

We also went for the wings with sriracha pour over caramel, which won over Mr FFID although I thought there wasn't enough caramel to properly coat the wings, finding them a bit dry. On the side we had their house fries, which sadly lacked crispiness and didn't live up to the rest of the food.

We visited Chimac on a second occasion, skipping the fries but approving of the Kimcheese sambo once again. We also tried the 4-in-1, (€8.95), which comprised of a crispy fried chicken breast served with a flavoursome homemade curry sauce, crisped rice, pickled chilli and gojuchang mayo in a potato bun. Delicious when eaten sober and very likely to be the best drunk food ever after a few scoops. We shared a cornflake cookie ice cream sandwich (€4.95) which was sinfully dipped in dark chocolate.  Definitely, something that calls for sharing as we almost struggled to finish it, but luscious nonetheless.

Chimac is a fun spot for some quick, casual grub which doesn't break the bank. I see why they appeal to a young crowd and how they can get busy, operating at such a great location. I just wonder if their demographic will keep visiting enough and not get distracted by the next new thing instead. Aungier Street is certainly getting all the cool kids on the block, long may it last!

76 Aungier Street
Dublin 2
Chimac's website 

Disclaimer: this is an independent review, I paid for my food and drinks.