Wednesday 20 May 2020

Dublin's Best Burgers at Home: Bujo Burger Home Meal Kit


As soon as I tried burgers from Bujo Burger over two years ago, no other burger joint existed in my book. When I lived in the city centre, their burgers were my excuse to go for a walk to Sandymount and the news of them opening a second location in the Central Plaza in Dublin city centre at some stage got me immensely excited a few months back. I'm not just a fan of their food but also their commitment to sustainability and their support of Irish producers. I also love that their culinary director, GrĂ¡inne O'Keefe, comes up with kick-ass specials so there's always an excuse to come back for more.

Bujo Burger was one of the quickest restaurants to react to the lockdown by launching burgers kits pretty much as soon as they had decided to temporarily close. So far it has been the only kit from a restaurant that I've ordered but it's so good that I've done it twice in the last two months.


At the time of writing, Bujo Burger is getting ready to reopen as a takeaway with a click and collect service from 4pm from Thursday to Sunday. That's great for anyone living near to Sandymount or with a car. The rest of us don't have to be jealous though and can order their awesome burger kit for delivery. Delivery takes place every Thursday within Co. Dublin, Co. Louth, Co. Kildare, Co. Meath and Co. Wicklow (see area guide here). The kits sell out very fast so make sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up with their updates and buy one when they open the orders for the next slot. 

The meal kit is priced at €40 and includes 12 Irish beef patties, eight brioche buns with the most impeccable structural integrity, 250ml of their homemade sauce, ten slices of cheese and two dill pickles in vinegar. With that, you can make four succulent doubles and four singles burgers which is excellent value for money whether you're a big family or just two greedy people like us. The burgers are Bujo's custom blend of premium grass-fed beef and are incredibly flavoursome and juicy. They are supposed to be better cooked over fire but as we don't have a barbecue we used the griddle pan and were amazed at how the flavours brought us right back to our favourite burger restaurant. Because bacon makes everything tastes better, we pimped them with smoked bacon from Gubbeen Farm, making the most delicious bacon cheeseburgers which we enjoyed with homemade oven chips and Irish craft beer. The kit provided us with four tasty meals which we ate over the course of a few days, never getting bored of the flavours. There was a €3.50 delivery charge to Dublin 7 and the option to donate to the amazing Feed The Heroes initiative (Bujo matches the donation) at check-out. 

Sure, we can all make burgers at home but Bujo's are next level and will be guaranteed to bring a little bit of meaty joy to your quarantine monotony!

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