Tuesday 21 August 2012

(Lunch) The Fumbally, Dublin 8.

I have been waiting for this new place to open at the weekend for a while now.
This is the kind of place I like, with vintage furniture, art books on the tables and cool looking people.

The place is spacious with high ceilings, big long wooden tables, an old piano in the middle and a corner with vintage sofas and armchairs that looks perfect for chilling out over a cup of tea while reading a book or chatting with friends.

It is mainly a cafĂ© but they also have a menu with a few snacks, prices vary from €4.50 for a soup to €7.50 for salad plate. Its a great place to go for a light brunch / lunch.

My fiancĂ© went for the falafel wrap which cost only a fiver. It was filling, made with fresh beetroot, cucumber, hummus and more. It was a nice summery snack perfect after a walk in Dublin's sunshine. He also ordered the lemon and ginger ale (€3) that was absolutely gorgeous and refreshing with ice inside, ideal to drink with the wrap.

I went for the porchetta (€6) not really knowing what to expect The food was served on a thin wooden board which I found original and in harmony with the look of the place. The porchetta was a sandwich, but a posh one: made with ciabatta bread, slow roast pork, caper mayo, salsa verde and mixed leaves. At first I thought I was a bit small for the price but then I had a bite. I just loved it and could have ordered a second one. The meat was tender and juicy and the caper mayo was just delicious. I enjoyed every bite of this tasty bun, even soaking up the juices of the yummy caper mayo that dripped on the wooden board. It was definitely worth the €6.

The place was filled with trendy people and the music was good (though a bit loud). I would definitely recommend the place for its food and decor.

 The Fumbally
 Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8
Tel: 01 529 8732.
Email: Hello@thefumbally.ie

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.