Friday 7 September 2012

Kokoro Sushi Bento, Lower Liffey street, Dublin 1

Kokoro is a Japanese take away located on Lower Liffey Street in the heart of Dublin City centre.

What I like in Kokoro is the way you are greeted by the staff. Always with a smile and taken care of promptly! The girls in Kokoro greet like in the shops in Japan: so welcoming and enthusiastic! A huge colourful mural on the back wall gives funkiness and a modern touch to the place. Their music choice is not bad, most of the time Amy Winehouse and Massive attack on the speakers.

Although Kokoro is mainly a take away place, they have a few seats inside where you can have your lunch break. You can sit just behind the window and look at the many people going through Liffey street or at one of the tables located at the back.
The place has 2 big fridges where you can help yourself to freshly made sushi, rolls and bento (lunch boxes). The choice of sushi is vast: chicken, salmon, tuna, prawn, etc... Sushis are sold in pairs and you can fill in your box with as many as you like. It's always tempting to get more than you need!

They also have hot dishes you can order at the counter such as Beef curry (€7.25) or Chicken Teriyaki (€7.25). If you don’t eat fish or meat try their Tofu and vegetable fried rice. The portions are generous so it will certainly fill you up till diner time.
My personal favourite is the Omega 3 Superior Salmon Bento (€8.45), it is fresh, nutritious and an excellent lunch option. You get a free Miso soup or drink with each cold bento.

Kokoro is addictive, especially if you live or work nearby, it’s reasonably priced and good for you. Give it a try and you’ll never see raw fish the same way!

Kokoro Sushi Bento
19 Lower Liffey Street
Dublin 1
T: 00 353 1 872 8787

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.