Monday 10 September 2012

Macarons by Armelle's Kitchen (Kilcullen)

In France we have what is called goûter or quatre heures (4 o’clock), usually for children it’s a small, sweet afternoon snack: biscuits, a piece of baguette with some chocolate, anything really.

Sometimes, I enjoy a little goûter, like I used to when I was a child.
I follow Armelle’s kitchen on Twitter and though I’ve never been to her French bakery in Kilcullen, I enjoy reading her sweet tweets. So Friday, I noticed that her macarons were available to purchase in Mace I.F.S.C.
I’m a big macaron fan, so much so that I drink my tea from a macaron mug. I hurried myself to the financial district where I rarely go, looked around the shop and found them on the shelf, it was like discovering a treasure. There were 2 flavors: vanilla and pistachio. I chose pistachio, probably for the bright colour, a French delicacy with the Irish colour it’s the best of both worlds.
I was surprised at the till that it was only €2.99 for 2 big macarons.

My fiancé wanted to eat while walking home but I didn’t let him. For me, eating a macaron is almost a sacred ritual, so I waited to be comfortably seated on the sofa with my macaron mug filled with tea in one hand and a macaron in the other.
The shell of the macaron was sleek, almost shiny. I had a bite and just melted. The crisp outside, the soft and sweet buttercream inside: I was in heaven. The beautiful taste of almond and pistachio is just exquisite!
Délicieux! I’m now thinking of visiting Kilcullen just to try all the different flavors. I’m dreaming of a macaron cake for my wedding (I got engaged last year) and think I may just have found the right place to order it from.
Armelle's Kitchen
Main Street
Kilcullen Co. Kildare