Monday 7 January 2013

Cocoa Atelier, 30 Drury Street, Dublin 2

Blog update: This shop is permanently closed

Put your New Year resolutions aside for a minute, yes, you know the one about not eating chocolate after stuffing your face during Christmas.

Now, it’s time for some serious talk about: le Chocolat!

Cocoa Atelier is a beautiful chocolate boutique on Drury Street in Dublin 2. Now this is a place even Parisians would envy, an elegant chocolate heaven selling everything a chocoholic could dream of. You’d want Juliette Binoche to be behind the counter and Johnny Depp to visit the shop like in the movie Chocolat.

The window display is always attractive and original. They have plenty of French macarons that make me drool each time I enter the shop. They are small, available in many flavours and sometimes they even have them displayed on an impressive pyramid stand.

Of course, they sell many different chocolates and truffles that you can pick and choose from. Also, on some of the shelves you can find some sauces, spreads and even bottled fresh hot chocolate that you can enjoy at home.

What I personally love the most in Cocoa Atelier is their chocolate éclair. It’s a real treat made with a chocolate crème patissiere filling like the one I grew up eating in France. The chocolate flavour is very intense. A must try!

Cocoa Atelier is the place to visit at Christmas or Easter time but also when in search of a foodie gift for all the chocolate lovers out there.

Allez, un petit peu de chocolat?

Cocoa Atelier
30 Drury Street
Dublin 2
(01) 675 3616

This is an independent review.