Friday 18 January 2013

Get Fresh Rathfarnham, Marian Rd, Dublin 14

I visited Get Fresh a few weeks ago, it’s almost this kind of place you would want to selfishly keep to yourself. Niall keeps tweeting pics of his yummy products and this is how I ended up visiting the shop: it was too tempting!

Sheridans Cheeses, fancy Calverstown forge pat├ęs, Jane Russell’s sausages, the most amazing display of spices and nuts, Italian panettone, fresh olives, Spanish turron, so many different oils and vinegars, delicious chocolates, honeys, the list could go on forever. It’s a foodie heaven!

I was amazed by all the different products to be found. It’s full of the best Irish products along with some excellent food from the continent (Italian, Spanish and French bien sur).

Outside and inside, there are beautiful displays, with many colourful fruits and vegetables, some of which only real foodies would know of.


Everything is clearly displayed on wooden shelves in a way that you get easily tempted and end up filling your basket very quickly.

Another reason to visit Get Fresh is the tempting display of pastries from Armelle’s Kitchen. Every Thursday, a selection of Armelle and Kenny’s products is available at Niall’s shop.

I’d definitely recommend a visit to Get Fresh not only for the products but also for the service.

Get Fresh Rathfarnham
Marian Road
Dublin 14
01 4937148