Sunday 13 January 2013

Friday, I'm in love...with Dublin

It's funny, when I lived in France I took the good weather for granted, never really thinking about the sun shining or the sky being blue. This changed drastically when I moved to Ireland.

I never watch the weather forecast because I find it a bit odd, informing people every day that there will be 'showers, sunny spells and wind'. I almost don't notice anymore if it's raining and gave up on umbrellas but I certainly give much more importance than I used to, to good weather.

In Dublin when the sky is blue I just feel like I'm on holiday and keep taking pictures like a tourist, it gives so much more life and happy vibes to the city that too often looks grey and dull.

Last Friday I was invited by blogger Yolene from Creme de Citron for lunch in her place. On my way, I was just amazed by the view of some buildings reflecting the sunshine along the river Liffey. It totally looks like another city when it's sunny.

I also treated myself to a few French macarons that I picked up at Fresh Grand Canal Square made by Armelle's Kitchen. Some little things in life, like the good weather and nice sweet treats can make your day.

It was Friday, I was in love with Dublin.