Sunday 10 February 2013

Beach, Castle and Avoca in Malahide

I had a proper catch up with a friend on Saturday afternoon. We decided to head to Malahide for a walk along the beach. The sky was grey but it was mild and so pleasant to breathe some fresh air outside the dirty old town. I'm from the middle of France, the landscapes are flat and boring,they look like an infinity of fields, it's far from the sea and the mountains so for me it's almost a privilege to live close to the seaside. Living here, I love to be able to walk on the beach, hear the seagulls, see the boats, pick up seashells, draw in the sand: I'm just like a kid really.

We visited Malahide Castle and Gardens for the first time since we're in Ireland and we enjoyed it very much. We were like tourists taking pictures, playing with the freshly downloaded Vine app and just discovering a bit of Ireland we didn't know.

After the walk around the castle, we headed to Avoca. It's located in the visitor center of Malahide Castle and gardens. The shop is spacious, bright and of course like all Avoca shops full of so many tempting products. The café was very busy with many people queueing, they have a take away counter so you can always order food and drinks to take away and enjoy in the park.

Now you have your next day out of Dublin sorted, don't you?

Thanks to bloggers Rincy from A Little Bird  and Laura from The Dublin Diary who made me want to visit Malahide with their great blog posts about it.

Malahide Castle
Back road, Malahide County Dublin 

Avoca Malahide