Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bog of Frogs Loop and Dublin Bay Prawn Festival 2013

I’ve always loved going to Howth on a Sunday, it makes me feel like I’m on a little holiday, which is great as it’s only a 25 min train ride from where I live.

I usually have a little walk along the pier, say bonjour to the seals, buy a few bits and pieces at the market, take the exact same pics of the lighthouse I’ve been taking for the last 8 years and end up at The Bloody Stream’s terrace if it’s sunny.

Last Sunday, my friend and I discovered the 4 different loop walks that you can do while in Howth. These 4 trails range from 6 to 10 km long and are a great way to discover the amazing coastal views, cliffs and other wonders of Howth.

We did the Bog of Frogs Loop, the ‘hard’ one because we’re tough cookies. It wasn’t that hard to be honest and we LOVED it! You just have to follow the little yellow round signs with the purple arrows, admire the beautiful landscapes and in less than 3 hours you'll deserve a little treat from the food market.

After our walk we visited the marquee of The Dublin Bay Prawn festival which took place from the 26th to the 28th of April. There were a few events going on: cookery demonstrations, food trails, a fun fair, gigs... Visitors could treat themselves to mini fish and chips, seafood paella, thai prawn and seafood curry and many other dishes cooked onsite at the stalls of different restaurants. 

The festival was very busy and queues at the food stalls were endless and I couldn’t handle the wait: we were starving after our long walk. Dear readers, I have to confess: I ended up not having a single prawn at the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival. Oops, I devoured a falafel wrap from the Lebanese Kitchen stall at the regular market. I blame my middle Eastern food obsession on the Jerusalem cookbook. In fairness, I always have seafood while in Howth and I know I can enjoy it there anytime

Also, I was happy to discover a stall selling chimney cakes, like the ones I've eaten in Budapest last year. They are cylindrical yeast pastries sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. I enjoyed watching the Chimney Cake Ireland team making their products in front of the market’s visitors and the smell of cinnamon was so delightful I had to try one: it was lovely.

That was a perfect day despite the rain, the wind and the cold; we truly fell in love with Howth. We actually were lucky to get some sunny spell during the walk and when it happened it was wonderful. Next time I’m up there, I’m so bringing a little picnic basket filled with cheeses, homemade salads and other goodies. Roll on Irish summer!



  1. Chimney Cakes (I didnt know thats the English name for them) are also very popular in Western Romania - because they are originally from Hungary, if I'm right.
    Anyway, nowadays you can buy almost every where in Bucharest as well.
    If you ever thinking to go in a Foodie travel in Romania, tell me ;).
    I was working on Sunday and I couldnt make it in Howth this time :(.

  2. Thanks for the comment Cristi. The chimney cakes are lovely. I haven't been to Bucharest yet but it's on my list of places to visit and I'll need your foodie tips for sure. You can always visit the prawn festival another year or go to Howth anytime you're off for some fresh seafood ;)

  3. Ooh Wow, this look amazing, You have inspried me to go this sunday.. the weather will hopefully hold out as according to google its going to be 17!! :D:D love you blog and happy birthday!!!! xx

  4. I hope you enjoy! Thank you for passing by and for your kind words x