Thursday 2 May 2013

Sacrebleu! French Foodie turns 30 today

A bottle of bubbly offered by my lovely friend L

Oh la la, today, I'm 30 years old. J'ai trente ans.

I was a bit nostalgic thinking of my family yesterday because I couldn't make it to my French home for my birthday. I'm sure my mam is thinking of herself when she was thirty and gave birth to her baby, French foodie.
I don't have many pics of my childhood here with me in Dublin, they're all kept preciously in my family home in the French countryside. However, I found a few that I brought with me to Ireland and it's funny the way many of them have food on them. Just to let you know, I did get prettier as I grew, these pics aren't very flattering.
So here I am eating French bread that was bigger than me, holding an Easter Egg bigger than my head and this is the piece montee (croquembouches) at my christening
I already had a birthday dinner party with my friends last week-end at my favourite French restaurant: Chez Max Baggot street. We had some aperitif and then some of us shared some mixed platters of French cheeses and and meats, others like myself couldn't resist to the call of Steak frites. Eating outside at the garden with French and non-French friends I felt like I was in Paris. Merci Mr. FFID for making sure I had a candle of my cheese! The steak was cooked perfectly and the fries, mon dieu, they were delicious.

Magnifique steak frites
Ste Maure and Comté instead of a cake, why not?
Where does the time go? Seriously, I don't feel any different and surely not like I'm 30. It's all in the head: some people are boring in their 20s, others are fun in their 50s. I'm going to rock my 30s.

'Age is something that doesn't matter unless you are a bottle of wine', or a cheese for that matter.

Santé! Sláinte!