Sunday 19 May 2013

Glenisk Upfront and Personal pop up store, Dawson Street, Dublin 2

On a Sunday afternoon filled with sunshine we decided to pay a visit to the Glenisk pop up store located at the corner of Dawson Street and Duke Street.

At home I often eat Glenisk organic yogurt with oats, honey and dried fruits for breakfast and lately I've been enjoying it as a healthy dessert mixed with passion fruit. I also use it with savoury recipes from Jerusalem by Ottolenghi which often require the use of Greek style natural yogurt.

Glenisk Upfront and Personal pop up store has been open for the last few weeks giving the opportunity to Dubliners to taste some savoury and sweet treats made with this organic Irish yogurt brand.

Savoury treats are only €3.50 and feature Irish products like Goatsbridge trout caviar or Burren Smokehouse smoked salmon. A few options are available such as Greek salad, Smoked Irish Rainbow trout with chilli, horseradish, lemon and parsley and more. They're all served with some Rosemary & Olive Oil Crostini made by Paris Bakery especially for Glenisk.

You can also get sweet treats made with Organic greek style yogurt for €3: dark chocolate and orange with honey, pistachios and mint, pear with ginger and toasted almonds, banana with milk chocolate and caramel, etc... Smoothies (€3.50) and cheesecakes (€3) are also on sale.

Glenisk’s range of organic yogurt, fresh milk, fresh cream and crème fraiche are available in the store, along with the brand’s goats milk and goats yogurt.

The shop is bright and spacious, you can sit there while waiting for your food to be prepared and there is a tasting stand just outside.

I ordered the Smoked Irish Salmon and Mr. FFID got the Mexican salad. Stephen's Green is only a few steps away from the pop up shop so we thought we'd enjoy this summery lunch sitting on the grass. With the gorgeous sunshine, both dishes were just perfect for us: fresh, light and healthy, they went down a treat.

Mr. FFID has been claiming not to like yogurt for years and he's now converted. Having picked up the different recipe cards from the counter of the pop up store, he even suggested we recreate them at home. I can't believe it!

So hurry up and visit the shop as it's only here for the next few weeks. It's Irish made, healthy and you'll get some inspiration from all their flavour combinations and recipes made with Glenisk organic yogurt.

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Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary voucher for the Glenisk pop up by Sound PR. I gave no undertaking to write a review and the words above are, as always, my honest opinion.