Saturday 8 June 2013

Summer in Dublin

Eating juicy Irish strawberries
Jogging along the Liffey and thinking 'Wow, Dublin you're beautiful!' 
Indulging with an Enigma Cornetto (popcorn flavoured ice cream and salted caramel centre)

Feeling like in Honolulu with Mr. FFID playing the ukulele

Having raspberries for dessert

Admiring Dublin's landmarks in the sun (Trinity College)

Eating barbecued merguez sausages in a fresh baguette like I used to in France (merguez from Fallon and Byrne/Baguette from Paris Bakery)
Loving my communal garden

Taking it easy drinking and eating Irish products (Glenilen Farm lemonade cordial and O'Donnell's sweet chilli flavour crisps)

Feeling like a tourist photgraphing an Irish pub (O'Neill's)

Soaking up the sun while reading My life in France by Julia Child

Finding the street art even more beautiful (made by Maser in Temple Bar)

Happy Irish Summer everyone!