Thursday 15 August 2013

Bison Bar & BBQ, 11 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2

I usually chose where Mr. FFID and I go for dinner but that night I let him decide. He couldn't have chosen a more manly place: Bison Bar and BBQ.

We visited on a week day just after office hours and the place was pretty full. The main bar area reminds me of a saloon and goes perfectly with the BBQ theme.
I left Mr. FFID at the bar deciding on our order and headed towards their outside area where I sat besides a big bison graffiti on the wall, admiring the saddles used as chairs. First I thought 'Hold on, if you have a dress, no way could you sit on this' and then I looked around and noticed I was surrounded by an almost exclusively male crowd. Single ladies this is the place to visit!

The menu is simple and meaty, with mains priced at €13.95 including 2 sides. If you still have room after that you can decided between a peach cobbler or a chocolate brownie with ice cream for €5.95.

Bison is a whiskey bar, it would have been rude not to order a whiskey sour which was very good (I ordered more). Bottles of mustard, homemade BBQ sauce, plastic cutlery and rolls of kitchen paper are placed on the tables, yes it's very casual. A friendly waitress promptly brought our food on metallic trays and in plastic bowls, no fuss here.

The pulled pork portion was very generous and I happily ate the tender pieces of meat with my fingers, it was juicy, smokey and delicious.

When I saw half a rack of pork ribs laid out of the table I didn't think we could go through but we did and it tasted absolutely amazing. The meat was so easy to tear off the bone and succulent I think I could have ordered more.

The crispy onion rings were the biggest have ever seen, I could have used them as bracelets. Unfortunately the rings and fries were too salty for my liking but not for Mr. FFID who was delighted as he ate most of them. The burnt beans was the best side overall, spicy and sweet at the same time whereas the potato salad was just fine, not memorable.

Bison Bar is a cool casual dining spot to visit with a group of friends or colleagues: ideal for BBQ meat lovers, when you crave for something (very) substantial or just want some proper man food.

Bison Bar and BBQ
11 Wellington Quay
Dublin 2

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.