Thursday 8 August 2013

A perfect afternoon at Farmleigh Food Market

One thing I love about the Phoenix park is Farmleigh, a gorgeous luxurious house and estate. It used to belong to the Guinness family but nowadays it's a residence for guests of the nation.

The place is open to the public and is the perfect spot to spend a Sunday afternoon, plus there are many events during the summer months including a food market. 

The market was bigger than I expected with some lovely food stalls showcasing Irish produce: jams, strawberries, apple juices, cheeses, vegetables and much more.

We decided to have an improvised Irish picnic with what we bought.

We started with Jane Russell's sausages in a blaa from M and D bakery.

Then we nibbled on some delicious breads from the Heart and Soul Bakery, cheeses bought at Glyde Farm's stall and some honeycomb fudge from Man of Aran Fudge. We enjoyed this feast in the sunshine while sipping some lovely Karmine apple juice we purchased from Gilberts orchards'. Buying all theses products wasn't cheap but wow it was so worth it and such a treat!

I definitely recommend a visit to this market , a little picnic and then walk around the estate as we did.

You can find some very romantic spots and pretty benches to sit on.

Have a stroll around the gardens and feel transported to another century.

I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland and expected to see a white rabbit.

I even found a place where they grow tomatoes.

La vie est belle in Farmleigh...

Have you been to the market? What did you think?

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