Monday, 2 September 2013

French Foodie in Dublin loves Granby Park

There is the most amazing pop up park in Dublin at the moment and it's not going to be here much longer! So I'd thought I write about it before it's gone. I'm aware it isn't food related but I love it so much that I'll make a little exception.

Upstart is non-profit voluntary art collective who aim at promoting the importance of creativity and the arts in Ireland.

They had the great idea of transforming a vacant space on Dominick Street into a pop-up park called Granby park. The initiative is a voluntary project that has been funded through donations.

It's an amazing space for people all ages: full of colours, creativity and positivity.

Bunting, quirky lampshades, sculptures, plants in shoes and many more little details make it a true wonderland.

There is the dream farm where you can water the plant.

A herb garden, a secret garden and lots of plants all around.

The Granby Grazer is a little cafe selling inexpensive drinks and food such as salads, curries or sandwiches.

Mr. FFID and I sat down at one of the wooden tables with a cup of tea, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and a bit of sunshine.

Live music, classes, poetry reading, activities for kids and many other events take place in the park.

I wish it would stay there forever but Granby park will only remain until the 22nd of September.

Have you been to Granby? What did you think?