Thursday 5 September 2013

French Foodie in Paris: Sweet treats in le Jardin des Plantes

People always ask me if I'm homesick, as if expatriation should be a sad thing and I should be missing my native land. The truth is I'm never homesick as I consider Dublin my first home, whereas France became a 'holiday destination' where in a way I feel like a tourist now.
Because I live in an English speaking culture I see France as we see it in movies, romanticized and a bit like in  Amélie. I know it isn't reality but it feels good to be there just to see the positive sides of the country: the food, the weather and my loved ones (in no particular order).

We flew into Beauvais airport and stopped in Paris for a few hours before taking the train down to the country. The first thing Mr, FFID ate when we arrived in Paris was a pain au chocolat we bought in Paul. I laughed at him when I noticed he was wearing a stripy top that made him look French, I think I contaminated him with my Frenchness .

We sat in the Jardin des Plantes and I devoured a cannelé, this delicious pastry with a soft inside and a caramelised crust outside with rum and vanilla flavours. Délicieux!

The weather was lovely and people were strolling around the botanical gardens, located in the 5th district across from Austerlitz train station and close to the Great Mosque of Paris.

It's a lovely place to visit on a sunny day, with people having picnics, jogging or just chatting sitting on the benches.

A little birdy decided to join our tete a tete, I think he wanted a bit of my cannelé  but it was all gone.

It was now time to go take the train down to the countryside as Maman and Papa French Foodie were waiting for us.