Monday 16 September 2013

Oxmantown, 16 Mary's Abbey, Dublin 7

Several weeks ago  I passed 16 Mary's Abbey and noticed the facade painted in grey.  I had the feeling some cool little place would open soon and hoped it would be food related.

The place is now called Oxmantown and is one of the newest deli caf├ęs in Dublin city centre.

We visited on a sunny autumnal Saturday morning, it was just about lunch time. The first thing that struck me was the brightness of the room with the sunshine streaming through the front window. The decor is minimalist with table counters and a few wooden stools all around the room. Most of the seats face the big windows and  I loved that one side of the seating space overlooks a great piece of street art by Irish street artist ADW.

There are five sandwiches priced at €5.50 on the menu: ham and cheese, pastrami, pulled pork, roast chicken & stuffing or grilled cheese. They also had a sausage or black pudding brunch option written on the board when we visited. They sell hot and cold drinks as well as some sweet treats such as lemon and poppy seed polenta cake, chocolate brownie or biscotti that are all displayed on the main counter.

Then our sandwich feast arrived to our table, looking very promising.

Mr. FFID had the pulled pork sandwich which consisted of some tender 12 hour roasted pork shoulder, topped with  gribiche sauce and rocket, served on a soft Waterford Blaa.

The sauce and juices dripped from the sandwich and he savoured every bite of it.

I went for the ham and cheese sandwich which isn't what you find in other places. They put ham hock, grilled gruyere cheese, some creamy bechamel sauce, roast plum tomatoes and pickled onion in a delicious toasted sourdough bread.

I usually wouldn't order a ham and cheese sandwich but this one is probably one of the best you can find in Dublin with lovely flavour combinations, made with fresh ingredients.

I felt like finishing on a sweet note so I also got a small piece of chocolate brownie for €0.75 which was just the right size for me to finish off on something sweet.

Oxmantown is definitely a nice little spot next time you find yourself on the north side of the Liffey at lunchtime. They don't have many seats to eat-in but of course you can take your food away. A little practical advice, eat your sandwich over the basket provided or you'll end up with sauce all over your clothes!

16 Mary's Abbey
Dublin 1
Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 17:00
Sat: 11:30 - 17:00
Oxmantown's Facebook page here

What's your favourite spot for sandwiches in Dublin? Any lovely sambo I should know of?

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This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.